Who We Are


Our History

Galena was founded in April 14th., 1987 devoted to making a remarkable revolution within the Brazilian pharmaceutical market. Their history started with the recurrence of the compounding pharmacies in Brazil, which used to have great difficulties with the acquisition of raw materials in small quantities. It was the time when Galena was born, having the mission to intermediate the procurement of raw materials and starting the fractionating activity in small quantities as required by those pharmacies. Besides, their compromise has been to ensure the highest quality of those products ever since.
Owing to Galena's committment, their growth has been superb and has played a great role to the development of the whole segment of the compounding pharmacies.
Another path was openned by Galena, when they started to offer solutions and logistics to the industrial brazilian segment as well, i.e. pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and veterinary, coming out to be the major reknown Distributor in the country.




Through the course of their history, with strong committment towards the development of the pharmaceutical market, Galena converted into the first reliable, major raw-materials distributor to the pharmaceutical, food and veterinary segment, providing high-quality materials and services throughout the large national territory. Today, Galena is very proud of their steady and long lasting success.